Rikhsiboy Ayupov

R.U.Ayupov was born in “the old town” of Tashkent, in the street where one of the routes of the Great Silk Road passed through. He’s been interested in drawing since childhood. He learnt the basics of artistic skills from a talented painter P.M.Shestakov at the art studio. After finishing the school in 1959 he went to the College of Art named after P.Benkov, where he was taught by A.S.Petrov, N.S.Shin, V.I.Kuznetsov. After successfully graduating from the college he began to work in Gulistan as a graphic designer. In 1973-1978 he studied at the Tashkent Theatre and Art Institute named after N.Ostrovsky.

After successfully graduating from the Institute he was offered to work there as a teacher. Since then Rikhsiboy Umarovich has been teaching, by sharing his experience and knowledge with the young generation.

1986-2007 – He worked as a head of the department of industrial graphics. Now he is an assistant professor of the department of applied graphics.

1991-1995 – He worked as an art director in the State Museum of the History of Uzbekistan.

Being a teacher and art designer, R.U.Ayupov also works a lot as a painter. He creates in oil painting and watercolour technique. A notable feature of the work of this original artist is that he uses not only a brush , but mostly mastakhin - special small flat spatula , which is allowing the paint to apply broad thick strokes . This so-called pasty painting in which paint is covered with a thick layer pattern.




Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas