Babaniyaz Kurbanov

At first sight, the creative world of Babaniyaz Kurbanov seems limited: the streets of the village, yard, field, old things…    Logically it is understandable: he grew up in Sherabad region of Surkhandarya, in a mountainous village  Zarabag in the streets of which he run barefoot helping his parents in the field.

Babaniyaz lived in the mountainous village where the landscapes are full of all colours of rainbow, they are unique – undulating yellow-red hills, dwarf mulberries and golden gardens, blazing clover, jagged mountains, elms…. In 90-s, all these had been reflected in the paintings such as  “thew world of peasant”, “The street in Zarabag”, “The old house”, “My street”, “Music”.

Babniyaz studied in the department of fine art (under the coordination of the painter of Uzbekistan -  Nemat Kuzibayev) of the Tashkent Theatre and Art Institute named after A.Ostrovski (nowadays – the National Institute of Art and Design named after K.Bekzod).

In the diary of Babaniyaz Kurbanov “Some notes about art” there are following lines: “It is said, Art – is one percent of talent, ninety nine percent of effort. This one percent reminds an ember flickering in the ashes”. I don’t know whether it is true , but I have no doubt in sincerity of artist, because in painting this ember is smoldering. Its warmth warms the soul of those who need it.


Boysun , 2012
Oil on canvas
The old street
Oil on canvas
An old courtyard
Oil on canvas
Mountainous village
Oil on canvas
Autumn , 2011
Oil on canvas