Furkat Bazarov

Furkat Bazarov was born in 1986 in Nurota of Navoi region.


1993-1998 – school №22 named after A.Navoi

1998-2004 – boarding school of fine and applied arts, the department of fine arts

2006-2010 – the National Institute of Art and Design named after K.Bekhzod, the bachelor’s degree

2012-2014гг. – the National Institute of Art and Design named after K.Bekhzod, the master’s degree


Participations and achievements:

2001 – «Egypt through children’s eyes», gold medalist, Egypt, Cairo

2003 – «New names», 1st place, Russia, Suzdal

2008 – «Kelajak ovozi», the winner of nomination of fine and applied arts

2009 – «Week of fine arts»

2009 – «Ab ovo» exhibition-project

2010 – «Week of fine arts», winner

2010 – «Barkamol avlod – yurt kelajagi», winner

2010 – «Navkiron O’zbekiston», laureate

2011 – an art director of the A.Shodiyeva’s feature  film “Omadli yurish”

 2013 – an art directorr of the I.Ibrogimov’s feature  film “Sadokat”

2014 – a member of the Art Academy of Uzbekistan

2014 – an artist of the Nozima Tulahujayeva’s feature film “Zarb”

 2014 – «Youth of our country», exhibition

2014 – «SENOFEST 2014», thetre and film artists’ exhibition

2015 – «Easts’ attractiveness», personal exhibition, Navoi region

2015 – an art director of the Umida Khamidova’s feature film “Shunkorlar”

 2015 – «The greatest, the dearest», the winner of fine art’s nomination

2016 – «Paint the song», the laureate of exhibition dedicated to the 80-th anniversary of Batir Zakirov

Furkat Bazarov also participated in international exhibitions in Czechoslovakia, Japan, India and many other countries where awarded diplomas and certificates was.


Nothing lasts forever, except humanity , 2016
Oil on canvas
Caravan , 2015
Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas
White elephant
Oil on canvas
Family , 2016
Oil on canvas
Angel of love , 2016
Oil on canvas