Faizulla Akhmadaliyev

The painter. Born in 1950, in the village of Sairam, Chimkent Region, Kazakhstan. Studied at the Painting Department of the Tashkent Theatre and Art Institute (1978-1984). In 1985-1988 had an internship at the Artistic Association of the USSR Academy of Art in Tashkent under the direction of R. A. Akhmedov. The creativity of Akhmadaliyev is inseparably connected with interpretation of the national historic and cultural heritage. The artist creates his own world of images and fancies evoked by the myths and legends of the East in which the reality is interwoven with fiction using his peculiar coloration and intricate pictorial texture and collage. In particular works the notions of folk Sufismare reflected. The artist’s works are owned by museum collections in Uzbekistan and private collections abroad.


Afrasiyab , 2004
Oil on canvas