Shakhnoz Abdullayeva

Born in 1965 in Tashkent


In 1989 graduated from the Theatre and Arts Institute named after A.N.Ostrovsky


Active participant of exhibitions since 1998:


1989 – Young artists of Uzbekistan. Bulgaria

1991 – Exhibition of Uzbek artists in the “Zaman” gallery, London

1991 – Exhibition of Uzbek artists in Bonn, Germany.

1992 – Art-Asia, Tashkent.

1993 – Exhibition of Uzbek artists in St. Petersburg.

1994 – Exhibition of Uzbek artists, Switzerland.

1995 – Personal exhibition in the “Centre of National Art of Uzbekistan” gallery, Tashkent, Uzbekistan”.

1996 – Akhmarov and students, Business centre, Tashkent.

1997 – A member of Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.

2000, 2003 –  Personal exhibition, Tashkent.

2001 – Personal exhibition in the Indian Cultural Centre, Tashkent.

2003 – Personal exhibition the Centre of modern Art, Tashkent.

2003 – Biennale, Tashkent.

2004, 2005 – Exhibition of Uzbek artists, Moscow.

2004 – Exhibition of Uzbek artists, Cairo.

2005 – The Beijing biennale, China.

2006 – Personal exhibition in the “Ilkhom” theatre, Tashkent

2007 – Biennale, Tashkent.

2008 -  Exhibition of Uzbek artists, Switzerland.

2009 – Personal exhibition in the Centre of National Art, Tashkent.

2009 – A member of “Ijod” Association.

2013 – Personal exhibition in the Gallery of Fine Arts, Tashkent.



Her works can be found in the State Museum of Arts in Uzbekistan, Directorate of Art Exhibitions of Urgench Picture Gallery, the Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, the World Bank collection (Washington), the “Zaman” gallery (Great Britain) and in private collections Japan, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Russia, India.



An autumn still life
Oil on canvas
Lilac , 2005
Oil on canvas
A girl with a doll , 2014
Oil on canvas
Still life with roses , 2005
Oil on canvas
Boule de neige , 2002
Oil on canvas
Pomegranate paradise , 2010
Oil on canvas
Flutist , 2014
Oil on canvas
An angel with a rose , 2011
Oil on canvas
The roses , 2006
Oil on canvas
Gulnar , 2016
Oil on canvas
The evening melody , 2016
Oil on canvas